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If you want to enjoy sun and beach, visit Turunc. Turunc Beach that is 20 km from Marmaris is an excellent place where you can indulge in every kind of sea sports. The natural beauty of the coastline is worth seeing.

Overlooking Turunc bay, ES Apartments is nestled in a hillside of this quiet resort. Our spacious apartments offer comfort and rest while your vacation...
Turunc is a small resort closely situated to Icemeler and turunc. It is accessible by road via turunc / Icmeler or by the co-operative water taxi service to/from turunc. It is situated in a small bay, surrounded by rising mountains whose pine-clad slopes meet the calm waters of the Aegean. The season runs from late April through to October, with many of the services being provided by local and transient traders. It is a charming, tranquil place - loved by many tourists who return each year - and envied by those who are staying in larger nearby resorts!

The resort has recently undergone some changes, purely cosmetic, and is focusing on becoming more user friendly to tourists. It is a small village resort, full of good restaurants / bars, adequate shopping, and full of friendly locals who will look after you like a long lost friend. The hospitality and genuine warmth of the locals is second to none! Many lasting friendships have been formed in Turunc amongst tourists and locals alike.

If you are looking for serious clubbing, wall to wall disco's etc., be prepared to be disappointed. Turunc has none of these thankfully. Icemeler and turunc are the place for that sort of entertainment. There are enough bars / restaurants in the resort to visit and sample the delights of Turkish and International cuisine without ever having to return to the same restaurant more than once during your stay.

Over the past couple of years, Turunc has become popular with Brits and others, wanting to live there. This has meant a lot of development has happened, in a short period - with the usual associated problems. Property /Land prices have risen sharply and the Estate Agents have moved in to the village! Thankfully, because of its size, it won't become too over developed like places in Spain have. It has changed the "village atmosphere" slightly - but it still retains it's charm and tranquility compared to other developed resorts.

The Blue Flag Campaign

With the dynamism of the tourism industry developed in a short time, especially during the summer season to serve a growing population in the position of the bitter orange''s biggest problems faced in the beginning has been the lack of infrastructure. Tourism enterprises, especially the increasing proliferation of clean sea water, waste water, adversely affect the risk of sheep must be resolved urgently took place at the beginning of the problem. In 1992, "Citrus Blue Flag, Environment Protection and Tourism Development Association" under the name of the first civil society organizations in the history of the village is being established.

Environmentally friendly businesses and the people of Turunc with the dedicated efforts of individuals appointed to the sewerage network in place and all businesses and residences are able to connect to the network. "Citizen-Government hand-addressed" in the model known as the''Ministry of Tourism also contributed by providing biological waste water lines and upgrade the wastewater treatment plant is completed and activated. In 1996, waste water problem is resolved, then, our country, Turkey Environment Education Foundation "TREV" in conducting the Blue Flag Campaign candidate Citrus imposed other criteria met by Turkey''of the Blue Flag''la awarded first place, one does.

A small village with its own facilities which are extremely difficult to realize that the people of Turunc with the successful operation of our country was first being one of the signatures, such as creating a positive role model for many towns have a collective proud. Copenhagen''that the European Environmental Education Foundation "FEEE" the audit conducted by the Blue Flag Campaign, recreational use of sea, lake waters and beaches of the consumer interest in healthy and be trusted to ensure the necessary criteria and conditions determined and without notice to the kontrollarla checking. . Campaign, which satisfies the conditions to be valid for one year to the beach and marina, with the condition is being sent to the Blue Flag.